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Living as a soul first and a human secondDo you ever think about yourself as a soul rather than a human being? If you believe that you are both, have you ever just sat down for a few minutes and wondered what you are really like? You see, most people believe they have a soul, but there are many who don’t give thought to the fact that they ARE a soul. There’s the saying that says: “We think we are human beings who have a few spiritual experiences, but in reality, we are spiritual beings who have a few human experiences.” I love this statement because it gives credence to the idea that we are a soul first and a human second. So, the question is: “If I really believe that, then how am I acting as my soul? I can certainly spout off my human qualities, but what am I like as a soul, and how do I express that part of myself in my life?”

From all the spiritual mentoring I have had in my life, I have come to the conclusion that we really were created in the image and likeness of God which is peace, joy, and love. So, if that’s true, then our soul only expresses itself through the pure, positive energy of love, which includes peace and joy. And if that’s true, then it means the soul never harbors any negative energy. Ever. The human being does, but not the soul. The soul only sees love.

So, I wonder what it would feel like to be completely aware for just one day and imagine myself as the loving soul I am and then act as if I am that. For just one day. That would mean I would make sure nothing bothered me that day. That would mean I would make no judgments toward myself or others. It would mean I would be patient, and feel joy in the present moment.  It doesn’t mean I have to like everything and everyone, because our soul does have free will, but I would accept everything and everyone the way it is right now. What if I could go through a day feeling what it would be like to feel like the magnificent being I really am?

This is the assignment I am proposing to each one of us. This is our mission, should we choose to accept it.  And that mission is to try our best to see everything out of love. To take many moments and enjoy them. To look at the scenery as we drive to work and appreciate what we see rather than think about all we have to do that’s waiting for us. It might mean taking a few minutes during the day to pay attention to what we’re feeling and if it doesn’t feel good, just say, “So what? Is it really that important for us to give up feeling good right now?”  It would mean going through our day feeling grateful and blessed, because that’s who we really are. As a soul, we are incredibly grateful for being created and being given this wonderful opportunity to experience lifetimes as a human in order to evolve to the next level of our existence.

What if we were to try and see everyone we meet as a soul walking around with the DNA of God/the Source in them? What if we imagined that each of those people had a purpose here that was important to them? It doesn’t matter if they’re accomplishing their purpose or not because that’s not our business. What is our business is to wish everyone well, whether we like them or not. Sending loving thoughts to strangers and wishing them well on their journey is a gratifying mission in itself. What would it feel like to put our human self on the back burner and put our soulful self on the front one?

I have tried this mission myself. And it takes great awareness to remember during the day that this is our mission. But when we do, the rewards are incredible. I began to truly experience what it means to be a creator of my life. I was able to see how having a positive attitude about everything made such a difference in my mood. I felt uplifted, inspired and in awe of life. It was amazing to me how keeping my awareness at that level throughout the day increased my energy as well. And at the end of the day, I felt this sense of peace, joy, and love.

And then I wondered, “Why don’t you do this every day?” And that is the hardest question of all. I’ve come to realize that as humans, believe it or not, we have a resistance to feeling too good.  But that in itself, is another newsletter.

So, I am proposing, my Dear Ones, that you accept this challenge, this mission. Just try it for one day. You cannot fail at this even if you can only do it for 5 minutes. Just keep practicing throughout the day when you remember to do so, and you will see the beneficial effects if will have on you. Just acting as a soul for 5 minutes is a wonderful thing.

All my blessings to you,

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Making our happiness a priorityI know it’s a bit late but Happy New Year everyone! As some of you know, I had some surgery in December and have been recuperating from that. I’m back at work since the beginning of the year and feeling wonderful. I continue to remember that the lessons of life never stop. I am always getting the opportunity to appreciate loving my life and being in this world.

In thinking of what I wanted to write about this month, I felt torn between addressing what is going on in our country regarding the election or whether I should just leave it alone. So many people are tired of the controversy and yet this is also a time when voices need to be heard, on both ends of the spectrum. So, I decided to write about this time in our lives in terms of focusing on our well being in a tumultuous time. And I will make it short and to the point. Well, maybe not too short.

1) Whether it be this time in history, or a hundred or a thousand years ago, there have always been tumultuous times. And there will always be tumultuous times. And guess what? We will learn from it. We will move forward. And as bad as people think this time period is for us, we have lived through much worse times than this. Of course, you would have to believe that you’ve lived before, in order to come to that conclusion, but I do. As bad as it seems our world is, let’s try to remember we are in a more peaceful state than ever before in our history.

2) I also truly believe that no matter who one voted for or will ever vote for, neither Political Party creates our reality. Only we do. If we believe, as individuals or a nation, that our wellbeing, our precious happiness, depends on what Republicans and Democrats agree on, then we are in big trouble since both parties have made it abundantly clear that they have no intention of ever agreeing with each other. Ever.
3) Our wellbeing as individuals, and our ability to thrive, is not dependent on anyone or anything outside of us. What we send out vibrationally, what we think and focus on is what will appear in our lives and come back to us. We have tremendous personal power. I don’t think most people believe this, which is why we put so much expectation on the ones in power to meet our needs. When we don’t know our own power, we expect it to come from someone else who promises to get things done and make our lives better. And as we’ve seen throughout the years, this doesn’t really happen in a big way because neither side, in terms of politics, is willing to let the other side thrive. That is just the way it is. And speaking of the way it is, let’s look at the positives of what is happening at this time in our lives:
There are a lot of good things happening because of this election. First, those who voted for President Trump will get to see if he can give them what they want. They needed to have their voices represented and he was the candidate who spoke directly to their needs over and over again. So, they will get to see if their candidate will come through for them. And frankly, I hope he does. Secondly, for those who didn’t vote for him, there has been a swelling of desire to take action and care about what happens in this country more than I have ever seen before. Many people are willing to step up to the plate for what they believe and for what they want. Now, more than any other time I can remember, other than the Viet Nam war, more voices are being heard about what they want based on seeing what they don’t want. This is how change occurs. This is the gift of what many would call, “crisis.” The word, “crisis,” by the way, means “opportunity” in Chinese.

4) Here’s what came in my email box this morning from Esther Hicks and the Law of Attraction. It was a good reminder:

“Most people do not realize that as they continue to find things to complain about, they disallow their own physical well-being. Many do not realize that before they were complaining about an aching body or a chronic disease, they were complaining about many other things first. It does not matter if the object of your complaint is about someone you are angry with, behavior in others that you believe is wrong, or something wrong with your own physical body. Complaining is complaining, and it disallows improvement.” --- Abraham
The more we think negatively about ourselves, or someone else, the more that negative energy comes back. In other words, it gets worse. Negativity begets more negativity. The more we look at “what is” and see everything that’s wrong with it, the more we stay trapped in it and unable to move forward. This doesn’t mean you have to like the person, believe the person, or respect the person. And it doesn’t mean you can’t have complaints or opinions. You need to stand up for what you believe. But for me, personally, it means that I wish that person’s soul well. It also means that I look at what’s right with what’s going on in the world. What good is coming out of this? It’s so important to keep focusing and thinking positive about what is good in the world in general.
5) Lastly, it’s so imperative at this time, that we get out of our own negative space, not just of complaining about what’s happening in our world, but what’s happening in our life. Let’s get back to a place of gratitude and put our personal happiness as a priority. We can’t be happy and complaining at the same time.  So, let’s choose to be happy, knowing that everything works out for us. And it does. See this ‘crisis’ as an opportunity to know on an ever deeper level, what you really want in life, and then focus and work toward that, no matter whether it relates to the election or not. Don’t let this opportunity take away from your happiness. Don’t use it as another excuse to not be happy or grateful or feeling wonderfully alive in life.

My love to all of you,
Dr. Connie by Dr. Connie @
The fear of what others thinkThis morning I randomly opened my book, “The Dear One Letters,” for some inspiration and received this message:
“Bear in mind, Dear One, that no matter what anyone thinks of you, you are not responsible for anyone else’s thoughts, notions, or conjectures. Whatever thoughts one may have, the responsibility for those thoughts resides within that individual. If others judge you, either openly or in their thoughts, this also is not about you. The judgment cast is on their karmic plate, not yours. Their karma is their karma. The same applies to any judgments you may hold about others. You, and you alone, are responsible for what you think about yourself. And you and you alone, are responsible for your own approval or rejection. When you give yourself the gift of honest appraisal and approval, you will let go of the fear that insists you need others to make you feel worthy, lovable, and good enough.

As you know, Dear One, this kind of inner work takes courage and determination, and it is exactly this path of knowing yourself that is the panacea for helping heal your world. Any reduction of fear in an individual life will inevitably help reduce fear in the world, and right now your world needs a little help in that department. So, I say this to you with love: Allow boats to rock, opinions to flow, and thoughts and feelings to be expressed. You are part of the Source that created you, and you did not come here to stay small. You came to let your light shine, and by allowing your Light to show its own unique brilliance, you also give others permission to do the same.” (From the letter: Staying Small: The Fear of What Others Think.)

The fear of what others think runs rampant in our world. We are raised by our society to compare ourselves to others. We are raised by our parents to be careful about what we say so others don’t get the wrong opinion about us, which our parents fear will also reflect on them. We are raised to not say good things about ourselves, as a person, or in terms of what we’ve accomplished, because other people might feel badly if they haven’t done the same, or because it’s considered bragging (which must be a terrible thing I guess), or because we think we’re better than anyone else. I find that so interesting because even as a kid, when I wanted to say something good about myself, I didn’t want to say it because I was feeling any of those things. Mostly, I wanted someone to validate my worthiness because I didn’t get it at home. It was like I was saying, “Please make me feel as if I matter.”

Now, as an adult, with my self esteem intact, I say things about myself because I do matter, I am an interesting person, and because I am proud of what I’ve accomplished in life. And as the Dear One letter states, I’m not responsible for someone’s low self esteem if they feel ‘less than’ because of who I am. And to be truthful, some people do feel less than.

I remember a few years ago meeting a couple at a gathering who asked about Jeff and I and our occupations. When we told them about being musicians for 20 years, and Jeff being an artist, and me being a music teacher, a psychotherapist, author, and spiritual teacher, the wife turned to her husband and said, “Well, Bill, we sure have led boring lives haven’t we?” in a somewhat sarcastic way. Her reaction was one of comparing their lives to ours rather than just enjoying the conversation and reacting in a positive way. Not everyone has the same reaction, mind you, and when we hear of others who have traveled the world, raised children, had all kinds of interesting jobs, we truly appreciate their life experiences.

But the natural human tendency is to not speak well of ourselves for fear people will feel ‘less than’ if we do. We have been trained to protect people from their feelings rather than letting them have them. And my point in this newsletter is that we are not responsible for anyone’s reactions, behavior, or feelings about anything. We can only own our own stuff.
So, the next time you find yourself holding back from expressing who you are in your beautiful Light, remember these 3 things:
• Saying good things about who we are or what we do is not bragging. It’s a reflection of our beautiful Light in this world.
• We did not come here to live up to the expectations of others. Ours are high enough. Just be yourself.
• It is our birthright to be a creative person because we are an extension of the Creator, the Source from which everything comes. Try to see ourselves as an extremely creative person – not based on the arts, etc., but based on how we live and create our lives with joy. Our greatest creation will always be how happy we are with ourselves.

All my blessings to you,

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