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Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of All WisdomI have been thinking a lot lately of what it means to get to the next level of our growth, not only individually, but as a species. This is partly so because I will be giving a weekend workshop at the Sophia Institute in Charleston, S. C. on June 22 and 23 on this particular topic. I hope you will consider joining me for a fun-filled and insightful workshop. But, in general, I do think a lot about going deeper within myself and getting to the next level of my growth. I do this because each time I move through one level to the next, my happiness, my peace, and my wisdom expands exponentially. My life just keeps getting better and better no matter what is going on personally or what is going on in the world. I have learned that for me, getting to the next level of one’s growth is what being here is all about.

I’ve come to realize that life is all about levels. Levels are like stages. We go through various stages in our life, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We start out as infants, then move to toddlers and young children, then school-age children, teenagers, young adults, middle-age adults, and finally old adults. And then what? Then we die and become youthful spirits who eventually plan out their next lifetime based on the next level they need to get to in order to evolve. And we repeat this cycle over and over again, until we finally start to awaken and remember that we’re here on this Earth plane to grow as a human being and evolve as a soul.

This is the best reason I can give to answer the question of: “Why bother working to get to know myself better? I know enough. I don’t have time for that. I have too many other things to do and it takes too much effort. I’ve got a life to live, you know. So for someone who may think like that, my answer will always be the same: “The reason to consciously work on yourself to get to another deeper level in your life is because it’s why you’re here in the first place. We are here to get to the next level of your growth. There is nothing more important than for us to evolve.”

Now, I know that most of us don’t remember this consciously. But we don’t need to know the details of why we’re here. What we do need to know is that working consciously on our self and getting to the next level of our growth is paramount to our happiness, our health, our relationships and our evolvement as a soul.

So much of our identity is wrapped up as a human being that we’ve forgotten that the life we’re living is only temporary. Well, we haven’t totally forgotten. In the back of our minds, we know we’re going to die, but most of us push that thought out of our mind. And yet, if we thought about our impermanence more often, we might just think more about our life in the present moment and how to make it a more joyful one while we still have time.

And so the question I ask myself quite often is: What is it that I want more of and how do I get it?  And as I’m entering the last quadrant of my life, I no longer want more things. I have enough. I want more wisdom. I want to be less fearful. I want to feel safer in the world. I want to love more deeply. I want to give myself away. I want fewer regrets. I want to feel loved by others. I want outbursts of laughter. I want less tears. I want to move my body more. I want to love my body more. And yet I also want to keep remembering that I am not body.  More than anything, I want to remember that I am a soul first and a human second. And in that remembering, I want to live that truth as best as I can.

In order to have all these things I want, I have to be willing to work on myself and get to the next level of who I am and what I am all about. And if I can do that consciously, I am way ahead of the game. I have found that working on myself consciously and lovingly has helped me get to levels I never knew were there. And what I have wanted so badly has come to fruition. So, the joy and the laughter, the letting go of worry, and the feeling safe in the world has come to pass because I feel safer within myself due to working on getting to the next level of my growth.

And I’ve come to realize that getting to the next level of one’s self may not always be a totally new level we haven’t experienced before. It can be. But it can also be a new level of understanding of an old issue. There are so many levels to get to. And one of the greatest discoveries of working on ourselves is that the more we practice, the easier it gets. And the easier it gets, the more fun we have working on ourselves. And then the next level gets easier.

And before we know it, we find that we feel lighter and freer and more joyful and loving. And when we put that kind of energy out into the world, it has impact on the positive mass consciousness that needs us so badly.

Knowing ourselves on a deeper level and experiencing new levels of knowing who we are is, in my humble opinion, the most exciting adventure of our lives. I hope to see you at The Sophia Institute in Charleston in June to continue our growth together. For more information on my workshop or to register, go here.

Much love and blessings,

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Being aware of our beautiful lives can change the worldThe other day as I was going to work, a thought popped into my head, and I always listen to the thoughts that pop into my head. I do this because if it’s a negative thought, I know it’s my ego trying to drum up some drama. But if it’s positive, I hear it as the voice of my soul telling me something I need to hear. And the thought that popped into my head was this: “Something wonderful is going to happen today.”  Wow. I loved that thought. I immediately felt a burst of energy. “I wonder what it is?” was my next thought. I had a renewed sense of excitement because when I get those kind of thoughts, they always come true.

I was actually headed to the doctor’s office for my blood work before I started my work day, and was running a little behind. I began to notice that I was hitting every single green light on the way there. This rarely happens and I arrived in record time. “I wonder if THIS is the wonderful thing,” I thought. After all, it was a little thrilling sailing through those green lights with ease. I barely sat down when the nurse called me in. “What, already?” I thought. I was immediately introduced to the new phlebotomist who would be taking blood that day. I told her I usually have the needle put in my hand because my veins are deep and thin. I have had many phlebotomists who want to be the hero and try sticking me in the arm, but her response was,  “Great.” And within one minute I was finished with hardly feeling a pinch. And I thought to myself, “Hmm.I wonder if THIS is the wonderful thing that is happening today?” After all, green lights, no waiting in a doctor’s office, and no pain being stuck with a needle isn’t such a bad day. So far everything felt pretty wonderful. BUT, is it the really big wonderful thing that is going to happen today?

As I got to work and opened the car door, I stopped in my tracks. The sweetest little song was coming from a little bird in the tree next to my car. Its melody was so intricate and beautiful, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of joy and gratitude in my heart. I just listened and thanked it for its wonderful gift. I then did what I always do when I get to work. I open the main door, and say hello aloud to my beautiful office space. “Hello my dear office. Thank you for being here.” And I realized that I feel the same thing I always feel when I enter my office space: I’m happy and peaceful. I love being there.

As the day passed – and it was a long day, I honored each and every person that came hour after hour and I felt thankful for them all. It’s like each one of them has their own special ingredient they offer for a beautiful stew at the end of the day. Once again I felt gratitude for their story and our work together. “THIS has got to be the wonderful thing that is going to happen today,” I thought.

As soon as I got home I greeted my family and went upstairs while my husband prepared dinner, (now that’s quite a wonderful thing), and I did some painting and came downstairs to a beautiful dinner prepared with love. And after dinner, I remembered the thought that had popped into my head that morning. And I realized that the wonderful thing that I thought might be big and shiny or profound, never came in that form. Instead, this had been one of the most wonderful days of my life because I paid attention to the wonderful things that were already there. The traffic lights, the new nurse, the lack of pain, the amazing patients I have, the job and office that I love,  a husband and pets that I love and adore, good and healthy food prepared for me while I find joy in creating. . . you know. . . a usual day. A normal day that was no longer normal.  The “something wonderful that was going to happen to me,” was not something outside of me. It was a heightening of my awareness of just how beautiful life already is and how wonderful each day is if we just recognize it as such. Can you imagine if we were to do this every day? That kind of gratitude and awareness could change the world.

My love to all of you,
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vortex-of-love-connie-numbers_8-17As I was sitting out on my patio this morning with my beloved General International Foods French Vanilla Café, I felt a tremendous surge of love flow through me as if I had been hit by a bolt of lightning. In fact, it was so intense I gasped aloud and began to tear up. I knew immediately what was happening. I was being overwhelmed by love. Love had me in its tendrils and was not about to let me go. I was in the midst of recognizing how loved I am. It seemed to come from out of the blue, but there it was. I was swirling in a vortex of Love and I could literally feel my heart swelling. I took a moment to catch my breath. Where did this come from? Why now? And how could someone who felt so unloved as a child for so many years, feel so loved at this moment?

I can’t answer why the tornado of Love twisted its way toward me this morning in the way that it did, but I do know that I give out more love now in my life than ever before, so it doesn’t surprise me that I get so much of it back. But getting hit with this kind of love is something I wish for each and every one of you.

As I sat there catching my breath, I looked around and to my left I saw my husband’s garden filled with all kinds of herbs and vegetables that he uses in his cooking. Love. I saw tall sunflowers that drifted into our view this year from seedlings deposited from the side of our house last year. What a gift! Love. I was delighted at the various colors of the flowers Jeff had planted sitting in their colorful vases on the patio waiting to be admired and adored. More love. I was filled with feeling his love for the Earth and for me. Priceless love.

As I sat there feeling love in its myriad of ways, I looked up and saw the Carolina blue sky shining through the netting on my lanai. Millions of sparkles burst through the screen mesh. It had just rained during the night, and the sunlight was hitting the netting so perfectly, that it looked liked I was viewing a starry night in the middle of the day. How miraculous and beautiful it was. Universal Love.

I watched my dogs wander around the lanai waiting for someone to pass by while walking their dog so they could bark and make their presence known. Unconditional love. I heard geese in the distance getting ready to make their landing on a pond nearby. I could hear my breath slowly passing though me reminding me of how great it is to be alive at this time on this great Earth. Eternal love.

And then, suddenly, my love turned to overwhelming empathy for someone I care about who is undergoing a double mastectomy as I’m writing this. I cried for her out of love. Compassionate love.

For some reason, love has taken its tender arms and has surrounded and caressed me all morning. My point, dear ones, in this newsletter, is really quite simple. It’s nothing more than what great storytellers, songwriters or masters of anything have told us: all you need is love. What the world needs now is love, sweet love. Love is a many splendored thing. The power of love. I truly believe that when we are on our way out of this lifetime, on our death beds, that the only thing that is going to matter to us is how much we loved and how much we were loved. This is what we are going to take with us. Love.

If I could give you any advice or words of wisdom, at least for right now, it would be to let yourself be devoured and swallowed up by love. Surrender totally to love. Sit by yourself and feel the love you have for others, and then take the time to feel the love others have for you. Allow yourself to be overwhelmed with how deeply capable you are of loving, and don’t be afraid of going there. Forgive others who have hurt you and more importantly, forgive yourself for hurting others. Take a moment to inhale all the gratefulness you feel for being alive, no matter what you are going through. Say a quick prayer for those who may need one, even if it’s a stranger. Just send a quick message to the Universe telling it to send the love you’re feeling right now to whoever needs it, known or unknown. This, in itself, is a great act of love on your part.

Take the time to be aware of how loving you really are. And if you’re not as loving as you want to be, make a decision to change that. Watch yourself in action when you perform an act of kindness and feel the gift of love working through you. This is the God in you at its best.

Always remember that your true identity is Love. First and foremost, feel it for yourself. You deserve it. Allow love to lead the way in your life. When in doubt about anything ask yourself, “What would love do now?” and then act accordingly, if you can.

And finally, dear ones, be aware that like myself, you are loved by many. In fact, you are probably loved by many more than you think. And know, that at this very moment, I am sending my love to each and every one of you who are reading this newsletter. I love you. I am grateful for having you in my life, no matter what that is, and I send you many blessings of love. Pure love.

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