Today is Always the Most Important Day of Our Lives

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Today is the most important dayEach day gives us the chance to let go of what happened yesterday, last week, or 5 years ago and begin anew. And each day is an opportunity for all of us to start over again. When I get up first thing in the morning, I look in the mirror and say to myself out loud, “Today is the most important day of your life.” I can’t tell you what a keen reminder that is to remember that we only have right now, this moment, this day. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn’t here yet, so the only time we EVER have is RIGHT NOW. Now. Now. Now. Now is the whole enchilada. When I wake up tomorrow morning, it’s only going to be NOW again.

When I remind myself that today is the most important day of my life, I automatically remember that how my day turns out is going to be up to me. I am responsible for my own happiness. If I want a happy day, I have to look for reasons to be happy NOW. I’ve got to let go of the irritation I feel when the guy in the car on the side street sees me coming and then decides to pull out in front of me just as I get there. I’ve got to let go of complaining or blaming or focusing on what’s wrong with the world instead of what’s right with it. I can either choose the thought that makes me worry, or the thought that says I am blessed and safe, and everything is going to be all right.

When I remind myself that today is the most important day of my life, I immediately remember that the thought vibrations I send out today will be received by the Universe and sent back to me, because the Universe mirrors what it is I focus on. When I truly remember that, I am much more picky about my thoughts, because I don’t want negativity showing up in my future because of what I’m focusing on now. This helps me let go of thinking of what I don’t want and putting my efforts into remembering what I do want. When I remind myself that today is the most important day of my life I remember that ultimately, I am the creator of my life.

I used to feel this responsibility as a burden. Now i see it as a privilege. I would rather feel in control of who I am and how my life is going to turn out, than to think that the ‘illusory life fairy’ will randomly bop me on the head and decide whether or not life is going to take me in a direction I want to go in. Sorry. Life fairies don’t exist. I’m my own life fairy. I am the one in control of my life and by telling myself that today is the most important day of my life, I feel exhilaration at the thought of how much freedom that thought brings me. It’s not easy to believe that we are beings who have the power within us to create our life because we haven’t been taught that way. But the truth is, we are much more powerful than we think. 

So, give it a try. Test it out. Start becoming more aware of what you are feeling, and make a choice to change the feeling by changing the thought. Look for reasons to feel good now and you will discover that what I say is true: You are a magnificent, Divine creator walking around as a human being, deciding every moment in every day how your life is going to turn out. And when you truly begin to believe that, you will see that every day, no matter the season, is Spring. Every day is a blessing and an opportunity for new beginnings.

Wishing you many positive thoughts this day,


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Re: Today is Always the Most Important Day of Our Lives

From this day forward, I vow to look in the mirror, see who I am and tell me that "I love you." Thank you, friend.